Grad School Resources

Here is a motley bunch of resources that saved many a blusterous day! Sharing them because I’ve wished many-a-times that I had known/ thought of using them earlier. I’m a fan of open source and most of the open source links mentioned here are tried, tested and vouched for.

Bibliography Manager
1. Mendley desktop: Open Source. Some have complained about the software slowing down the system. You might want to look out for that one flaw. Otherwise, a great resource to tag, make notes, and keep track of pdfs.


1. Stanford’s Entreprenurship Center

2. Society for Effectual Action

3. Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard

4. Kauffman Foundation

5. National Entrepreneurship Network

6. The Indus Entrepreneurs

Qualitative Research

1. Miles and Huberman
2. Strauss & Corbin

1. Express Scribe: I enjoyed the features by which you can slow down the speech and use short cuts to pause, stop, pause, forward etc.

Qualitative Data Analysis Software
Unfortunately, couldn’t find good open source alternatives to these softwares. Here’s a business opportunity for a tech entrepreneur. 🙂
1. Atlas.ti
2.  NVIVO : I’m currently using version 8. Their latest version has some cool features. Their customer support is good. Also found it more user friendly than Atlas ti. Also has pretty self-explanatory tutorials.

1. Dropbox: File Sharing. Free space of 2 GB. Can be extended to 8 GB based on referrals. Love it!
2. Evernote: I used this as a substitute for Microsoft OneNotes. While EverNote has some really cool features, I do miss my Notebook.
3. Google Docs: Particularly useful for simultaneous work by two or more authors; tracking versions, the works.. 🙂

Do you have any resource other than these which you found incredibly useful? Leave a comment!