Hiatus and a new cause

So it’s been a long hiatus. In part due to travel, in part due to the predicament that is one’s own dissertation. But I’m back – to rant in the expansive space that the cyber world so generously affords me.

And I’m back with a renewed mission. I’m living in exciting times. We have team Anna – sometimes right, sometimes not-so-right, but according to me – a well timed Kick-in-the-right-place. That Anna Hazare plays on a Gandhian hangover is debatable, but unarguably one sees the outcomes of the careful orchestration of the team behind him (See here). Unintended, intended, good, bad. Then we have the Aruna Roys and the Nikhil Deys, tinkering away behind the scenes at the cogs and wheels of our constitutional system, surfacing oh-so-delightfully-more-frequently these days to fix a lacuna and toil away again. We have the niche Samskrita Bharati Movement working at a revival of Sanskrit in India, quietly, sure-footedly (bad adverb! please excuse the midnight rant). We are living through a natural social experiment that is Aadhar. Will it succeed or will it fail? More importantly, in it’s failure, will there be a larger civil society victory and vice-versa?

“Yes, yes”, you may say. “What, then is your point?”.

Simply that, well it is so hard to keep track of all the wonderful thing that change makers in India are working towards. And while there are some wonderful websites like The Better India that are already doing such a wonderful job, I am going to do my little bit too. After all, we are a country of billion. And we’re an enterprising lot.

Special thanks to Mani, who provided food for thought and a gentle nudge to get blogging again.


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