Weeding out the weirdos

I personally prefer interviews over elected systems for recruiting candidates into student bodies. Just that popularity doesn’t become a mediator for your evaluation of competence for that post.

Having said that, you can’t be certain you’ve recruited a weird person through an interview either. Freakonomics has a bleg out asking for views on how you would weed out the weirdos through an interview process. By weird, they mean: antisocial, incompetent, lazy, disinterested, dishonest, unprofessional, combative and disruptive. Click here to read the full post.
Some of the comments are interesting. One of them links up to Eric Schmidt’s explanation of how Google hires. Read on.

My interest in this: how do we stem cases of perverts on campus, sexual harassment at the work place?

Meanwhile, here’s some Scott Adams for you.


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