Trivia : Jean Paul Sartre

So Jean Paul Sartre fell in love with Simone de Beauvoir while they were at Sorbonne… He was pursuing philosophy and went on to pursue phenomenology. Anyway , the talk is on JPS and SDB… As I am told, they fell in love and remained life long companions, never married, had other love interests and were strong influences in each other’s philosophical perspectives..

When JPS finally died ( 1980), SDB wanted to spend the whole night over his grave….A colorful life , don’t you think ?
Which makes me wonder, as to whether it is a coincidence that all the philosophers , artists and writers who have made such rich contributions to their fields, lead such bohemian lives…or would it be the other way round…in that because they have lead such bohemian lives , they could contribute richly to their fields…

Which then brings me to existentialism, as professed by that existence precedes essence….or simply put , the very creation /existence of something precedes the development of its meaning …..i’ll let you do the rest of the thinking ..

Meanwhile, this trivia makes the three research papers that I have to read on phenomenology way more interesting…


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