Stigma against people with mental illnesses

Found this article on Stigma against people with mental illnesses interesting. Authors suggest that those who espouse a meritocratic worldview seem to blame people with mental illnesses for their disease. The Protestant Work ethic rears its head again stigmatizing people for their illnesses.
Raises many questions. Primarily, context specific. In India too, stigma against mental illness is prevalent. But where does this stigma arise from? What are the commonly-held world views on this? How are people with say acute depression or nervous breakdown treated in the workplace? I’m also interested in knowing what work ethic influences people in this part of the world (India) when it comes to their perception of people with mental illnesses/disability. My hunch is we are more accepting of illnesses and diseases since we do tend to believe that a lot of things are beyond our locus of control. This, however, may be changing because of work patterns and ethics.
Also, while disability and mental illnesses are quite distinct, do both groups face similar levels of stigma at the work place?


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