Dave Meslin on the antidote to apathy

Dave Meslin on apathy.. What an interesting talk!

Some of the points that caught my attention:
1. Public space: dominated by those with money. Flooding us with information we may/ may not want to see.. Moreover, interesting messages don’t necessarily have the monetary backing
2. Leaders as chosen ones: Heroic effort is a collective effort and is often voluntary. I love this becauyse it links with my research site where a lot of volunteers are voluntary leaders and there is no one leader
3. Political parties:unreliable

And of course, beyond the content I love the confidence and some kind of forthrightness in his presentation style and the passion he effuses.
The topic also interests me at an organizational level. Why is there so much apathy at the work place? We see it within our educational systems, at our work places -not just in the more public spheres of life -as the ones that Meslin talks about. What accounts for these?

We love individuals – to take blame or to be our heroes. But perhaps very often, it is a complex web of these factos that create such a phenomenon that transcends levels of analysis – individuals, groups, institutions.. For my fellow researchers, an interesting read on multi-level studies – Ployhart, 2011.


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